How Kristen Stewart's Stylist Shops for the Holidays


The Coveteur

Celebrity stylists are trained to seek out the best of the best, so it’s to be expected that their holiday shopping skills are on point. The Coveteur recently caught up with Tara Swennen—stylist to ladies like Kristen Stewart and Emily Ratajkowski—to find out how she tackles the gift-giving season. Naturally, her tips were top-notch, so we’ve rounded up our favourites:

1. Work on your gift list throughout the year. “I start pretty much right at the beginning of the year,” says Swennen. “I start accumulating stuff and store it up in the attic (I’m such a dork this is ridiculous, but this is actually how I do it). Then around Mid-November I take it all down and I start wrapping it up and figuring out where the loose ends are and that’s when I shop for the last bits and bobs.”

2. Always have a stash of great last-minute gifts. “The best last-minute gifts for guys and girls are candles for the house and cologne and perfume. You kind of know that you’re safe either way and it’s a thing that everyone can use. If you’re going to a party, champagne; always bring the bubbles.”

3. Have go-to gifts for the men in your life. “For guys, eyewear, ties, even pocket squares—accessories are always the easiest for fit reasons,” Swennen says. “I love giving fun socks to guys—I literally just gave my trainer a pair that had cheeseburgers all over it just because I had to."

4. Don't write off re-gifting. “I’m not opposed to re-gifting—it’s the thought that counts, so it shouldn’t matter. There’s stuff I’ve been gifted that I would never wear, I’d never put it in my house—it’s not for me, but if you’re going to love it, I’m happy to pass it along.”

Do you have any killer holiday shopping tips? Let us know in the comments, and if you're still looking for the perfect present, check out our dreamy gift guide!

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