The Holiday Packing List Every Fashion Girl Should Check Before Travelling

Back in June, when we'd had three months of lockdown, it felt like the prospect of a holiday was completely out of the question. Now, however, deep into July and almost August, it's a different situation thanks to air bridges with several European countries. Of course, holidays won't be on the cards for everyone right now, so it's worth noting that just because many have decided to go away, it's okay if you're not. But if you have managed to wrangle that plane ticket and are about to go to warmer climes or are packing for a trip closer to home within the UK, then allow us to be the fashion guidebook on what to pack for your holiday. 

Putting together a sunny holiday packing list might sound tiresome, but for a stress-free vacay, especially when you need to travel with your own mask and hand sanitiser right now, you've got to do it. A tried-and-tested formula of interchangeable pieces that actually work (rather than remaining in a creased pile at the bottom of your case) and are effortless will put the pleasure into packing.

There are so many decisions to make on what to put on your travel outfit checklist. For example, which sandals should you pack? What accessories are the best to take?

So we canvassed our team to create the ultimate edit—from dresses that will work across a variety of occasions to the all-important jeans that you can fly and sightsee in. Debating over that cashmere jumper for the flight? Do it. Ditto for the travel bag that will double up as a beach bag. Every item in this guide is versatile enough to be worn more than once (meaning that if you choose to invest in some high-end pieces, you needn't feel guilty).

Print and keep this holiday packing list with you:
Holiday packing list
Passport Holder
Document Wallet

No more bits of paper knocking around in the bottom of your bag.


They'll save you having to deal with the uncomfortable airplane set. 


Shorts with a sophisticated twist. 

Luggage Tag

Keep track of your stuff with a leather luggage tag. 

Sun Hat

Keep harmful rays out of your face while still looking chic.

Scarf #1

While you might be travelling to a warmer climate, it does get cold on the plane, so you'll want something to wrap up in when you're feeling the chill. 

Scarf #2

When you want to add a bit of colour to your outfit, all you need to do is tie a silk scarf around your neck, bag or through your belt holes. Simple. 

Swimwear Option #1

Of course, you need swimwear, and yes, you definitely need two types. One for sunbathing (e.g., the trusty bikini) and one for if you fancy a swim.

Swimwear Option #2

These dainty earrings will go with your swimwear just as much as they will your chic evening outfit. 

Cosmetics Case

Perhaps the most useful item in your luggage—a cosmetics case for every type of holiday and situation.

Evening Bag

It makes any daytime outfit instantly evening-ready. 

Travel and Beach Bag
Leather Jacket

While there may be heat where you're going, there's no denying that some places get downright chilly in the evening. Pack a leather jacket and throw it over your shoulders when there's a breeze.


Going somewhere a little colder? This sweater will be your go-to. If you're thinking about packing another, stop and consider your layers—you don't want to overfill your bag.

T-Shirt #1

For obvious reasons, you're going to need a couple of T-shirts. Stick to two colours—preferably muted tones like black, white, navy, grey or stripes. You can then wear these under a jumpsuit, with a slip dress or with flowy trousers.

T-Shirt #2
Going-Out Top #1

We suggest saving this top for the evening, but it will also look great with a pair of jeans in the daytime. 

Going-Out Top #2

Just add heels and jeans and you're good to go.

Slip Dress

This is your true multitasker. Want to wear a dress on your night out? Wear a slip dress. Want to go sightseeing? Wear a slip dress over a T-shirt. There is seriously nothing this item can't do (except for the actual packing, of course).


Pair this jumpsuit with gold earrings. 

Cropped Trousers

These will go with all your brights, prints and neutrals. 

Denim Skirt

It's the versatile skirt that never fails on holiday.

Shoe Option #1

With jeans, skirts or dresses—you'll get so much wear out of these.

Shoe Option #2

A classic for a reason. These sneakers will look good for a day in the city or at the beach. 

Shoe Option #3

These sold out last summer, but they're back. Grab them fast. 

Shoe Option #4

Easy to wear by the pool yet chic enough for a night out.

This story was published at an earlier time and has since been updated. Next up, the biggest summer 2020 fashion trends you need to know. 

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