The Holiday Packing List Every Fashion Person Should Check Before Travelling

You've only gone and done it; planned a holiday, be it abroad or on home soil. You're excited right? You need this break. You deserve this break. So, in the spirit of making your holiday as enjoyable as possible from the word "go", I'm here to help. 

Putting together a sunny holiday packing list might sound tiresome, but for a stress-free vacay, you've got to do it. A tried-and-tested formula of interchangeable pieces that actually work (rather than remaining in a creased pile at the bottom of your case) and are effortless will put the pleasure into packing.

There are so many decisions to make on what to put on your travel outfit checklist. For example, which sandals should you pack? What accessories are the best to take?

So I canvassed the entire Who What Wear team to create the ultimate packing edit—from dresses that will work across a variety of occasions to the all-important jeans that you can fly and sightsee in. Debating over that jumper for the flight? Do it. Ditto for the travel bag that will double up as a beach bag. Every item in this guide is versatile enough to be worn more than once (meaning that if you choose to invest in some high-end pieces, you needn't feel guilty). Even handier is the graphic we've created so you can refer back to it as you assemble your wares and accessories for the big event. Bon voyage! 

Print and Keep This Holiday Packing List with You

Holiday packing list: Everything you need to check you've packed before travelling



Passport Holder

Document Wallet

This level of organisation brings me so much joy. 

Luggage Tag

A bright luggage tag will better help you identify your suitcase on the carousel. 

Travel Beauty Case

Packing Cubes

I thought I was a good packer before these packing cubes. Now, I'm a great packer.


While I'm at it, I'd very much like the matching suitcase. 



Especially essential for long-haul flights. 


This straw style will go with everything you pack. 


I find tortoiseshell to be the most versatile sunglasses style. 

Beach Towel

Retro, stylish, and won't take up too much room in your case. 


A longer sarong can be folded in half to create a mini hemline. 

One Piece

Two Bikinis

I'm a 32G, and this is the best fuller bust swimwear brand I've ever worn. 

Hoop Earrings

If in doubt, just add these to your look and you'll instantly feel polished. 

Chain Necklace

This go-with-everything necklace is also water resistant. 

Shoulder Bag

I find a creamy or beige hue works with almost everything. 

Basket Bag

Take this from your carry-on straight to the beach. 


The perfect cargo jacket does exist. Plus, those pockets look perfectly passport-sized. 


The ideal weight for layered travelling or to cover up in the evening. 


Linen Shirt


The T-shirt our editors rate. Bonus: It comes in so many colours. 

Vest Top

Evening Top

Nothing says "fancy" quite like satin or silk. 

Wide-Leg Trousers

Prefer bright colours? These trousers also come in pink. 


A printed skirt will elevate the basic jersey tops above. 


Two Day Dresses

Nothing says "holiday" quite like a white cotton minidress. 

Evening Dress

It's got to be the Ghost Palm. 


Three Pairs of Sandals

Black sandals will work with every single outfit.

Why not be adventurous and pack a walkable heel? 

Leather Belt

A belt that will never date. And, yes, it also comes in tan

This story was published at an earlier time and has since been updated.

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