4 Stylish Ways to Cover Up at Formal Holiday Events

The holidays are a bit of an oxymoron, because there are a ton of special parties and events scheduled during the days and nights surrounding Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Year’s, but it’s also the coldest time of year. How are we ladies suppose to get all dressed up in slinky frocks, high-heeled sandals, and pumps, when the temperature sometimes dips below freezing? It hardly seems fair.

The solution: You can still wear those barely-there dresses and naked shoes. Just cover up with something equally as stylish. We consulted our resident celebrity stylists, Emily Current and Meritt Elliott, to see what they prefer in terms of fashionable cover-ups that are appropriate for formal occasions. From capes to chunky knits, they’ve got you covered (quite literally) when it comes to warming up for fancy events this season.

Keep scrolling for four super-simple ways to cover up at formal holiday parties!

Throw On...

As we’ve seen, faux fur is a great alternative to the real deal that’s less expensive and friendlier to our furry friends.

A sleek, menswear-inspired blazer looks stylish over pretty much everything, and you’ll be glad you have it when you step out into a frigid night.

Chunky knits have a tendency to fall more on the casual end of the spectrum, but if you can find a dressier option, they’re great to have on-hand.

Nothing is more classic than a lady in a dress, a great pair of heels, and a cape. Not only is the outerwear piece highly effective at battling the cold, it’s also just about as stylish as you can get whilst staying warm.

Theory Danijo Structured Cape ($333)

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