Come Little Children! A Hocus Pocus Sequel MIGHT Happen

1. Very important news, people. A Hocus Pocus sequel might really be happening. [E! Online]

2. North West wore a custom Balmain blazer. Because of course she did! [The Cut]

3. Dubai is swiftly rising to the top of the world's consumer fashion market. [BoF]

4. Want great skin? Of course you do! You need to try to avoid these foods. [Byrdie]

5. Nicole Richie claims she has a small closet. We'll believe it when we see it. [People]

6. If you don't have these cooking skills by age 30, you might want to just call it a day. [Domaine]

7. If you aren't subscribed to The Skimm, Oprah suggests you change your ways. [Racked]

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