Trust Us—No One Will Believe These 12 Pieces Are From H&M

Today H&M launched its Studio Collection, and it's the perfect holiday capsule. It contains flowing dresses, neutral linen, animal-print swimwear and utility pieces for more adventurous day trips. In conjunction with the launch, H&M has been working with lots of our favourite influencers, who've been teasing pieces from the collection. In February, Alexa Chung wore the linen-blend trouser suit to London Fashion Week with a pair of chunky Chanel sandals, and it's finally available.

That being said, we already know which items to go straight towards. We love the colourful reworking of zebra print—particularly, the flouncy dress in pastel pinks, lilacs and oranges, as it's the ultimate beach cover up. The zebra-print sarong skirt is also a standout piece from the collection, and we love how influencer Monikh paired hers with an orange tank top. Availability is already running low in several sizes, so this isn't a collection to deliberate over. Keep scrolling to see and shop the best of H&M's Studio Collection.

H&M studio collection sprint summer 2019: Zebra skirt



On Monikh: H&M Ribbed Vest (£25) and Zebra Skirt (£70)

H&M studio collection sprint summer 2019: Alexa Chung trouser suit


Alexa Chung

On Alexa Chung: H&M Linen Jacket (£100) and Linen Blend Trousers (£80)

H&M studio collection sprint summer 2019: Slip Into Style zebra suit


Slip into Style

On Ellie: H&M Zebra Jacket (£80)

H&M studio collection sprint summer 2019: Monikh white flounce dress



On Monikh: H&M Wide Flounced Dress (£100)

On Natasha: H&M dress

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