These 5 Brands Are Just as Good as H&M

There's no denying that H&M, especially right now, knows what it's doing. It caters to a lot of people and to varying tastes but still manages to somehow consistently nail it. If you don't believe me, then allow me to point you in the direction of the fact that its puff-sleeve dress from last summer was one of the most in-demand products of the year, according to Lyst. While this might not be news to many of you, the H&M Group owns a lot of other clothing brands that are just as good as its original. COS, & Other Stories, Weekday, Monki, and Arket make up the impressive collection, all of which come with their own distinctive styles. 

h&m sister brands: basics touch wearing Arket



For example, & Other Stories is definitely a more premium, fashion-led brand that appeals to millennials, whereas Weekday is more Gen Z, with its focus on '90s style. There's also Monki, COS, and Arket that are also worth knowing about. So if you're keen to discover the H&M repertoire of stores, then keep scrolling. You might find one you love.


As one of the newer editions to the H&M Group, Arket filled the market for young professionals. This is definitely geared towards a more minimalist aesthetic, but that doesn't mean it's boring. The tailoring is classic, but look out for interesting necklines and bold prints and colours. 


H&M's more timeless take on fashion, COS was launched in 2007. With oversize silhouettes, chic tailoring, and great knitwear, you'll always find something that has lasting power. 


This brand is very much geared towards a cooler, younger audience. Expect to find baggy checked shirts, '90s-style jeans, and vintage-looking knits. 


My personal favourite is & Other Stories. Full of trend-led knitwear, dresses, trousers, and boots, I've never regretted purchasing anything from here. Look out for its oversize blazers—we know our readers love them. 


While Monki sits alongside Weekday as geared towards a younger audience, the brand offers us "prettier" prints and pastel shades, giving it a more whimsical feel. Cute but cool. 

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