I've Got Dozens of Coats, But This High-Street One Rivals Any Designer Buy

Is it just me, or did the weather suddenly turn this week? After months of struggling to sleep without a fan on and contending with the most humid commute in quite a while, this week was the first time I reached for a coat because I was actually cold. Granted, it isn’t quite time for my winter puffer coat just yet, but there’s definite chill in the air as a reminder to those who had forgotten it’s now officially autumn.

Navigating the seasonal in-between has been tricky (and we’ve got plenty of transitional outfits to copy, ideas on clever layering, and how to make your summer wardrobe work for autumn), but when it comes to outerwear, it can be a tough choice between a heavy winter coat or a light jacket. So what do we wear when it's too cold for a trench but too balmy for a teddy coat? Well, I think I just found the answer. And while many places might profess to have the ultimate transitional coat, this really is it. And it’s the perfect piece to buy now and wear now. 

H&M has been getting a lot right recently, and a case in point is the wool-blend scarf coat, brought  back for another year. An ultra-soft, camel-coloured maxi coat with a built-in scarf is not only practical but also seriously chic and one of those pieces that has people saying, "You got that where?" as soon as you admit it's high-street. While the price point is no doubt a pro, I'd be remiss not to mention the coat's versatility. Camel coats go with everything, and I mean everything—jeans and tees, skirts and shirts, and if you hadn't already invested in a cosy knit dress yet, this is the perfect companion. In fact, H&M is particularly good at those too. I think we've just found ourselves our new favourite autumnal shopping destination.


If we could ask one thing of the H&M gods, it would be more colours, please. We're going to need to buy this in black, grey, cream… especially if the number of five-star reviews is anything to go by. 


This coat ticks all the right boxes. A rich, seasonal colour, a flattering silhouette and an affordable price tag. What more could you need?  

I'm a longline-coat devotee, but this style just reminded me how cool short coats can be. 

Yep, that's right, a white coat. Not one for the spillage prone, but just imagine how incredible this would look with an all-white, tonal outfit. 

With styles this good, I'm crowning H&M the high-street's king of the coats. Although, if on first sight you thought this was designer, I wouldn't blame you. 

There's a light greige tie-belt coat too, and we love the feel (and look) of the lightly brushed finish. Pair wear with contrasting glossy leather. 

Simple but effective, a well-tailored wool coat is a wardrobe must-have. 

This autumn, masculine-inspired tailoring reigns supreme, so for the runway look in real life, choose oversized, boxier coats.