You Won’t Believe H&M’s Crazy Sales Growth Last Month

We don’t exactly need further confirmation that fast fashion is a much more permanent aspect of the industry than just a trend or movement—but H&Ms giving it to us anyway. Fashionista reports that the Sweden-based retailer just released its sales numbres from the previous month, and they are truly astounding.

In the month of July alone, H&M saw a sales increase of 16% over the same month one year ago. If you think about it, thats a growth of almost a fifth of the company's annual sales—in just one month. Previously, H&M had seen sales growth that was widely considered substantial, at 9% year-over-year, but 16% firmly squashes the previously reported numbers.

The company has not released precise sales or profit numbers for the month of July, but we feel fairly confident in saying the massively successful retailer is just going to keep the upward motion going. Keep scrolling to shop some of our favourite H&M pieces now!

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H&M Sandals ($25)

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