19 Anti-Trend Autumn Items From H&M That Have My 59-Year-Old Mum and I Smitten

19 H&M Auttumn Anti-Trend Items



Historically, my mum and I have hardly agreed on my fashion choices. Risqué hemlines, bold trends, skinny jeans, platform shoes—all of these things, at some point, have lived in my wardrobe and been a significant part of my sartorial rotation. My mother disapproved of each of them. You see, her style's always erred on the timeless side, whereas I have had a tendency to try lots of different things until something sticks. But as I've grown older and gotten acquainted with my personal style, my tastes have begun to align with hers, skewing more classic and anti-trend rather than loud and daring.

Nowadays, when I find chic items throughout the work day and send them to my mum to get her thoughts, we agree on them far more than we disagree on them. Case in point: I texted her this morning with a link to H&M's new autumn drop full of classic, minimal, and wearable pieces for the upcoming season, and we both immediately started picking out items that we wanted. Out of all the ones that are still in stock (yes, the collection just launched, and yes, it's already selling out), we shared affection for 99% of them, something I never would have expected could happen a decade ago. 

See why, despite our 32-year age gap, my mum and I are both completely smitten with H&M's autmn arrivals below. 

Shop Our Favourite Anti-Trend Pieces From H&M's New Autumn Drop:

Simply put, we're button-down people. 

She's worn them since the '90s. I'm only just now catching on. 

A gorgeous satin slip skirt works for everyone at any age. 

There's nothing cooler than a chic handbag that doubles as a travel pillow, and you can't tell me otherwise.

My mum is the one who bought me my first peacoat. I've loved the silhouette ever since. 

The perfect fit if you want to look elegant and casual at the same time. 

Don't sleep on H&M's denim. This style goes from a size 4 to 22.

Comfy and timeless. What more can you ask for? 

I love how structured and high-quality this denim shirt looks compared to standard chambray alts. 

A gorgeous knit dress belongs in everyone's closet. 

There are so many different ways you could style this satin button-down shirt. 

Some people might disagree with us, but a sleek pair of white heels will always be a good idea. 

You can't go wrong with gold hoops. 

Jumper season is almost here, people. Why not start preparing now?

They're not called mom jeans for no reason. 

I'm not a huge trainer person, and neither is my mum. They have to be really low-key and classic for us to wear them. 

I'm desperately trying to come up with reasons not to buy these (and failing).

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