Hipster Style—Is It Even Still a Thing in 2018?

Can you remember when you first heard the word "hipster"? I honestly can't think back to a time when we didn't use it to refer to someone's style. It seems it's become an all-encompassing way to describe people that look a bit creative. Red Wing boots? Hipster. Thick-rimmed black glasses? Hipster. Have on an ironic '90s band T-shirt? Hipster. But how did we start defining people as such? According to this Buzzfeed list, being a hipster also includes "bringing your own tote bags to the supermarket," owning an "ironic phone case" and have an item of clothing with the "David Bowie lightning bolt" on it. As a millennial, I recognise all the above as key indicators that someone is a hipster. 

But how do I know this? How did it become that we instinctively know what a hipster dresses like? For example, while the early 2000s version might have loved wearing skinny jeans, thanks to The Strokes making them cool again, now it's selvedge denim with turned up cuffs that are in a hipster's wardrobe.

So how then can we define hipster style in 2018 if it's always changing? Is it really still a thing? To better understand the root of its definition and if it really still exists, I spoke to a couple of experts. From the history of the word to understanding how it's represented in other parts of the world, as well as what it looks like in 2018, keep scrolling for more about hipster style...