I Just Assembled 6 Chic Wedding Guest Outfits on the High Street

Hands up if you have more than one wedding this year? Assuming your hand is aloft, I feel your pain. I have four weddings dotted across my social calendar this year. Thankfully, I'm a bridesmaid for one of them, which means I don't have to worry about what I'm wearing to that one (we've already picked out our bridesmaid dresses from ASOS), but of the other three? I already find myself mentally planning my outfits. Or, I should say, outfit, as I intend on wearing the same look to all three. 

As a high-street girl through and through, that's precisely where I'm turning to find the perfect wedding ensemble. And honestly, it seems I'm spoilt for choice. New-in sections are flooded with fancy dresses, gorgeous shoes, and statement-making arm candy—not to mention sleek suiting and elegant skirts. As such, curating an expensive-looking wedding guest outfit on the high street has never been easier. 

Below, I've re-created some of the ensembles I've bookmarked with affordable pieces to give you an idea of the high-street wedding guest outfits you can create for yourself. I'm pretty taken with the puff-sleeve dress and thong sandals. Keep scrolling to see them, and then shop the high-street buys you need to complete each respective outfit. 

High Street Wedding Guest Outfits 2020: We The People Style


We The People Style

Style Notes: We all know that pastel shades make for excellent wedding attire, but previously I would've avoided wearing them together at risk of looking too much like a sugared almond. However, a powdery dress paired with simple heeled shoes in contrasting pastels makes for a cool take on the trend. 

High Street Wedding Guest Outfits 2020: Eni's Wardrobe


Eni's Wardrobe

Style Notes: Dresses are always my first thought when it comes to assembling occasionwear, but I find skirts make for a pleasant change. Chances are you'll be the only one not in a frock or a suit, which is guaranteed to make you subtly stand out. 

High Street Wedding Guest Outfits 2020: Monikh Dale



Style Notes: If dresses and skirts just aren't your thing, suiting always has your back. For springtime, search for cropped-trouser styles to show off impressive shoes or anklets. 

High Street Wedding Guest Outfits 2020: Rue Rodier


Rue Rodier

Style Notes: While white clothing might be largely off-limits for wedding guests, white accessories are completely acceptable for ceremonies and evening invitations alike. I'll be wearing them with a puff-sleeve dress for trend-ticking purposes. 

High Street Wedding Guest Outfits 2020: Lisa Aiken


Lisa Aiken

Style Notes: Slip dresses often feel too lacking in coverage for weddings, particularly if you know it's going to be a religious ceremony. Cover up the cool-girl way with a blazer in a matching hue, which you can then ditch along with your shoes and bag when the party kicks off at nighttime. 

High Street Wedding Guest Outfits 2020: Emma Rose Style


Emma Rose Style

Style Notes: Minidresses are completely fine to wear to a wedding, but might we suggest giving a bit more thought to your shoes if you choose to go short? Instead of towering stilettos, opt for grown-up kitten or midi heels for a polished look. 

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