These 9 High-Street Shoes Will Fool Everyone Into Thinking You Spent a Fortune

We don't need to tell you how far our obsession levels stretch when hunting out the latest pair of must-have shoes. Carrie Bradshaw's got nothing on us. And while we often lust after the latest pair of Gucci sandals (we've had actual dreams about these), the high street is also an amazing place to discover incredible pieces. And what's more, they look expensive without the eye-watering price.

One of our favourite bloggers Lucy Williams recently wore a pair of Mango shoes (accessorised with fishnet pop socks no less), and judging from the number of people asking her where the shoes were from, we reckon they were a big hit. And it's easy to see why. The shoes come in an autumnal colour that is ready for the new season and they're also an interesting shape—a new twist on the court with rounded toes and cutouts on the side. They make the outfit. 

All of this has given us a great excuse to check out the latest footwear offerings on the high street that look expensive. Keep scrolling to see Lucy Willliams's Mango shoes, and click through our gallery of expensive-looking high-street shoes. 

Pair with your cropped flared jeans.

Just because summer's nearly over doesn't mean you can't go for a pastel shoe.

Skinnies or cropped jeans would work well with these. 

We're all about the detail at the back.

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