These 3 Influencers Agree: This Is the Secret to Making High Street Look Luxe

I love it when people ask me where I've got something from. Even better is when they think it's designer and it's not. I know, it's a little gauche, but I get a thrill from it. Right now, with an emphasis on watching our budgets, it's even more pertinent that we make smart choices when it comes to our wardrobes. While we'd always suggest buying pieces that last, it doesn't mean they have to be expensive. The one thing you do need them to be ins that they work with your wardrobe and look quality.

There are three influencers that I follow in particular who are ace at doing just that. There's Marianne of Smyth Sisters, Yatri Parabi, and Aïda of Basics Touch—all of whom know how to find the chicest pieces on the high street that all look expensive. I could give you my tips, but instead, I spoke to these experts on how they find the best pieces on the high street that always make their wardrobes look luxe. And they all had the same bit of advice, which is worth noting. Keep scrolling to find out and shop the most expensive-looking pieces on the high street right now. 

Smyth Sisters
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"For me, fit is extremely important. I tend to always size up on knitwear and coats. If an item doesn't fit my body shape the way I'd like it I'd use my local tailor—that's the key. Avoiding bright colours can make any outfit look more expensive and also you'll find your pieces more versatile."

high street expensive tips



"Colour, cut and fabric all play a part when I'm looking for those pieces that will look much more high end. But if I have to pick one, it would have to be the cut. When something fits and falls perfectly on you, not only does it look like it's been made beautifully and especially for you, but you're going to feel amazing in it too, which always makes a difference on how it looks to other people. If you feel amazing in it, then it's going to look amazing too. It's always good to have a note of a few favourite cuts that you know make you feel your best, and then to add pieces into your wardrobe around the base of those types of shapes. Sizing also plays a huge part in this. There are times when pieces look and feel better a size down or sized up. For example, with coats, I always tend to go a size or two up for a more statement style which can make a high-street coat look super expensive, so always try and test shapes with sizing too!"

Basics Touch
high street expensive tips



"The first tip I would say about making your high-street items is to look for neutrals colours or at least plain colours because it makes your outfit look chic and coherent and the plus is that you can wear it more often than with graphics. The second is to opt for a slightly bigger size especially for the outwear, the contrast makes it look more chic and expensive for me but also more comfortable and relax. Final bonus tip? Look for premium fabrics like cotton and wool."

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