The Age Most Women Get Injured From Wearing Heels

Sure, we all love heels, but as Harper's Bazaar pointed out, a new study found that injuries from stilettos are on the rise. Researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham estimated that 123,355 high heel–related injuries were treated in emergency rooms from 2002 to 2012, and the rate doubled during the 10-year span.

The most interesting part? Women in their 20s were most likely to sustain these injuries, and most incidents happened at home, not at work or out. 

Click here to read the full story on Harper's Bazaaror scroll below to learn more from the University of Alabama.


University of Alabama at Birmingham

Have you ever been injured wearing heels? We want to know your story in the comments below. And if you want to give your stilettos a break, shop these comfy flats for every budget!

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