I Just Worked Out the Cost Per Wear of an Hermès Watch and I'm Tempted

There are few brands, if any, like Hermès. As one of the oldest fashion houses in the world, it's built up its reputation on quality pieces that have become iconic. It doesn’t pander to seasons in quite the same way as other mega houses—hype is the last word associated with the 182-year-old label, as it focuses on its classics all year round. Sure, you could argue that the Birkin has peaks of popularity (that episode of Sex and the City; Kris Jenner’s Birkin room), but it remains the ultimate designer handbag regardless. What I’m saying is when you buy an item from Hermès, you own it for life. It’s not the kind of brand you’d want, or need, to switch out according to the seasons. Everything the brand creates is timeless. While we've often focused on the brand's handbags or its H Oran sandals, there's another accessory that the brand is also known for: its watches. 

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Like the handbags, they're instantly recognisable without being showy. Usually the faces have the distinctive H, and the straps come in the Hermès orange or a brown or black. Occasionally there's a subtle green or pink, but on the whole, you can rely on the above colours. While they are far from being inexpensive, they're the kind of piece that you'd wear for the rest of your life. Let's say you bought the classic small Heure H orange strap watch for £3830 and you wore it every day for 10 years. That would cost you about a quid a day. Wear it for a further 10 years, or even more, and you're really getting your cost per wear. 

Ultimately, our advice when deciding whether to invest in a truly incredible but expensive piece is to take your, ahem, time. To help, we've put together an edit of the Hermès watches you can shop right now.

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