The Hermès Sandals Bloggers Are Obsessed With

If there’s one designer sandal you can guarantee is a good investment every summer, it's the Hermès Oran. The sleek slip-on style that you’ll find in nearly every fashion blogger’s wardrobe is available in 21 different colourways, the most popular being tan and black.

Though the simple slides come with a price tag that you'd expect of the luxury heritage label, you’re sure to get your money's worth, as you can wear the leather sandals with any summer look—and they are, of course, made to the highest spec, meaning they'll last a lifetime (if you don't treat them badly!).

From the classic cutoffs beachy look to more office-appropriate ensembles, we've realised you can wear these sandals everywhere. Which is great news when you're making such an investment. Still not sure if you're sold on the idea? See our proof below.

Keep scrolling for the Hermès sandals the blogger world can't resist, and add a pair to your summer wardrobe at the end.