The Fashion Editor's Secret to Feeling Incredible in Summer Clothes

Let's face it: Dressing for summer has its pros and cons. While it's exciting to be able to pull out the pretty clothing we had stored at the back of our wardrobes and retire our wool coats for the season, the reality of a heatwave can be a very different matter. Thinner fabrics and soaring temperatures can make for a hot and sticky commute, and planning what to wear in the morning is harder when you have to judge what will be comfortable for all-day wear. But we might have a solution for your wardrobe woes.



Whatever your experience (if any) with shapewear, Heist builds its pieces differently. Its shapewear is lightweight and breathable, with plenty of smoothing power. The brand's aim is to banish sagging tights, suffocating shapewear and digging bras and change the way you think about foundationwear. In fact, some of the styles are so good you'll be happy to wear them as tops.

With that in mind, we've found the perfect shapewear to pair with all of your summer favourites, so before you shelve the idea of that slightly sheer white dress or clingy skirt, keep scrolling for the right foundationwear to help you feel your best.

1. Summer Dress + Sculpting Bodysuit 

As the temperatures rise, we naturally lean towards lighter fabrics. When you want to slip into an airy, light summer dress, there's nothing worse than that dress clinging to you. And while we love dresses for their ease (and ventilation), you shouldn't have to contend with fabric so sheer that it shows your underwear. Enter the Outer Body.

Designed to contour the waist and stomach while supporting the bust, this sculpting bodysuit is the ideal foundation layer underneath dresses. Not only does it stretch and hold to create a smoother silhouette, but it comes in three colours, so you can find the best option to go undetected under your favourite summer dress.

2. Midi Skirt + Anti-Chafe Shorts

Humidity can be unbearable, and the only thing worse than the toll it can take on your hair is the inevitable chafing. Between the thighs, around the waistband or wherever it might be, sticky skin deserves a silky-soft touch. To get that "stepping into summer" feeling, wear the Highlight Short under your midi skirt for the smoothest wear possible.

Friction? What friction? Not only do these shorts encourage glide rather than rub, but they're equipped with expertly positioned "hero panels" to lift and define the bum while smoothing and sculpting the hips, thighs and stomach.

3. High-Waisted Shorts + Waist-Enhancing Briefs

It's shorts season! But the freedom of a bare leg can come with some bunching around the waistband. As impossibly chic as a high-waisted pair of shorts or trousers can be, tucking in a top can look bulky. Built to draw in and draw attention to your waist, the High Waist briefs are one of the best-kept secrets in shapewear.

These are not your average control pants. The fabric is breathable, and there's a flexible waist so they won't be uncomfortably digging in. Targeting the stomach and the waist to gently compress, they even aid posture to help you feel your most confident and walk a little taller. The length makes them great under shorts and trousers, but they're also the perfect foundation pieces for wedding dresses, eveningwear or everyday tailoring.

4. Bare Legs + The Nude Tights 

Okay, summer might not scream tights, but it is the best time to wear shorter skirts and dresses. If you want to get the best bare-legged feeling without having to bare all, the Nude tights offer a bare illusion, starting at a light 18 denier to let your skin breathe.

Created with a sample group of 100,000 women, these tights come in seven shades, so you're sure to find a match for your natural skin tone. (There's even a shade-finder quiz if you need a helping hand.) Time to show off those legs.

Main Promo image courtesy of Sandra Semburg. 

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