The Underwear Brand We Always Rave About Has Unreal Cyber Week Deals

It’s a universally known fact amongst women that finding the perfect tights is darn near impossible. All those ladders and saggy crotches of our youth have left us scarred, tarnishing all future winter outfit choices and party seasons to come. Let alone shapewear— have you ever tried squeezing on a pair of too-small ‘shorts’ before an event and felt good about yourself? No, us neither. 

That was, until Heist came along. Seriously, we’re not even being dramatic— all the editors in our office agree that this one brand has saved the whole idea of hosiery and so-called shapewear for us. In fact, if you’re a regular WWWUK reader you’ll probably already be familiar with the brand, mainly because we don’t stop banging on about them. It started with the perfect pair of tights (The Thirty is our ultimate go-to), then the perfect shaping body and now (lucky for us) the brand is continuing to expand into various forms of ‘foundationwear’. From lingerie to leggings and, of course, more versions of their excellent tights in order to swoop in and single-handedly save this winter. 

Models wear Heist Eco Lace underwear



So, when we heard about Heist’s epic cyber week deals we felt it was basically our duty to pass them on. Because everyone deserves these underwear essentials in their arsenal— especially at up to 25% off. You’ve got until 29th November to take advantage of the deals with 25% off their hero Invisible collection and leggings and 20% off some of their latest and greatest lines like the Sheer collection, new Eco Lace collection (think sexy, supportive and sustainable lingerie), classic and patterned tights— all perfect accompaniments for the upcoming party season. We plan on spicing up our LBDs with The Polka DotThe Shimmer and The Fishnet on rotation, how about you?

Yes, party season in particular calls for top notch support for all those slinky dresses and chilly temperatures combined, but these are styles you’ll wear year round too. So if you were looking for an excuse to refresh your underwear drawer, this is it. You know what to do…


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