The Shapewear Brand Fashion Editors Actually Want to Wear

Shapewear is typically a very specific type of lingerie—it smooths out lines and can make you feel more confident about wearing a figure-hugging dress, but it’s not usually the sort of thing you’d want to wear by itself (although the Kardashians have made that much more common).

So when Heist, those clever people behind the comfiest tights ever (they’re seriously good—you really should get a pair) launched black, beige and brown Outer Body bodysuits, the brand found its customers started to wear it not just as shapewear but also as part of their usual wardrobes.

Much like the brand’s approach to tights, these bodysuits were originally created to change our perception of shapewear. It wasn’t just about being functional; it was about it being beautiful—something we can more than get on board with.

The feedback from customers was that the suits do everything they’re supposed to while also being comfortable, and it gave them the confidence to wear it as part of their outfits (not just hidden away). Last year, Heist launched the bodysuits in new colours such as green, coral and blue, making them even more likely to work as tops.

It’s part of our job to try on items so our readers can truly see how pieces look, so we tested the bodysuits in all the colours and paired them with different outfits. Below, we’ve shown you how you can wear them with everyday looks as well as our conclusions on the shapewear.


heist bodysuits: elinor block


Who What Wear

I’ve been a fan of Heist’s tights since its launch, so I was excited to try the shapewear. I’ve worn bodysuits before, but as I’ve always worn beige colours (usually under a dress), I’ve been wary about the thought of accidentally flashing it through my clothes.

Well, with these new bodysuits, that’s not an issue. I wore the blue colour (Ink) with faux-leather trousers and a blazer, an outfit I would definitely repeat again—especially for a night out. As for support, this was surprisingly good, considering I would usually never go braless.


heist bodysuits: emma spedding


Who What Wear

“This certainly feels like shapewear, as it’s very snug from below the bra cups, but it doesn’t feel restrictive or like there’s too much ‘sucking in’ going on. It gives you a subtle smoothing; it’s something I’d even consider wearing for a long day at work or to an event where I’m going to eat more than canapés. It would be useful under blouses and tops that are a little too see-through, but I wouldn’t want to wear this alone as a top or expose the bra area, as the lack of cups give the body a very Rachel Green ‘Hey, I’ve got no bra on’ effect.”—Emma Spedding



Who What Wear

“When I first put this bodysuit on, I wasn’t fully convinced. It felt tight, and I felt fully on show. That being said, the more I wore it, the better I felt in it. It looks great paired with white tailored trousers and trainers, and is definitely the type of thing I’d wear on a night out as a top—emphasis on the ‘out.’ For daytime, I’d pair it with a sheer top tied at the waist for a more relaxed vibe.” —Alyss Bowen


heist bodysuits: Zoe Anastasiou


Who What Wear

“I fell in love with Heist’s black bodysuit the moment I tried it on, thanks to the flattering fit and comfortable stretch fabric. It’s not something I would think to wear by itself, but it works perfectly under my long-line blazer. I can also imagine it looking fab with high-waisted, wide-leg trousers.”—Zoe Anastasiou

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