20 Cool Buys That Laugh in the Face of This Heatwave

Sun worshippers, rejoice, because the heatwave has finally hit, and guess what? We're not even slightly prepared for it. Excellent! Dressing for extreme temperatures in the capital is a tricky one to navigate, and while the weather might say Costa del Sol, there's something not quite right about strolling around Regents Park in your fave beach cutoffs and a bikini top.

What we really need is versatile, smart and cool (in every sense of the word) separates that can be thrown on at a moment's notice and help us to look composed. Essentially, we just want to feel like ourselves style-wise, just without the sweat patches.

That's why we've put together a super-speedy edit of pieces that will work during the heatwave. They might all be affordable high-street buys, but this doesn't mean that they're throwaway—these are hardworking staples we guarantee will serve you now and still look chic in 12 months' time.

From airy dresses to floaty skirts, scroll down to see and shop my heatwave picks.


We love how Brittany has styled her oversize dresses with Velcro sandals. 

Printed Shirts

Heatwave capsule collection: emili sinlev



The louder the better. Just make sure they're loose and keep you cool. 


Heatwave capsule collection: Tracey Lea Sayer



Comfortable, low-maintenance and chic, a jumpsuit is the low-effort outfit of choice for fashion editors. 


Heatwave capsule collection: eni's wardrobe



Shorts aren't always the smartest choice, but there are so many chic tailored versions around that you'll find a pair you really love. 


Heatwave capsule collection: Ada Oguntodu



It might surprise you to know that a floaty midi skirt will keep you far cooler in the heat than a mini, as it's less clingy and offers more shade. Whatever the style, they all look fab with a plain white tee. 

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This piece was published at an earlier date and has been updated.