Trust Me—These 3 Products Will Help You Survive the Heatwave This Week

I've spoken before about my love-hate relationship with hot weather in the UK, and the prospect of London hitting the heady heights of 37°C later this week has me feeling less than joyful. In fact, I'm seriously dreading it. Sure, if I could spend my afternoon unwinding in a beer garden, the impending heatwave might be a little more alluring, but I'm guessing most of us don't have that luxury. Instead, I've already stocked my tote bag with a few key beauty products I rely on every single time the temperature soars. Some of them you might already have in your beauty stash, while others might be a little more unexpected, but trust me: They might just help you survive the heatwave this week.

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#1 Lip protection

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A recent survey conducted by EOS lip balm found that over 50% of women never think about putting SPF on their lips, with nearly a quarter of Brits never applying it to their pout—despite your lips being one of the most susceptible parts of the body to burning. Having burnt my lips once before, I can confirm that it's best avoided, which is why I always opt for SPF-infused lip balms during the height of summer.

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Something of a year-round desk essential for the Who What Wear editors, face mists really come into their own during the summer months and are a godsend if you commute into work. There are tons on the market that offer up a whole load of skincare benefits while helping to cool and calm your complexion, but these are three I always come back to.

#3 SPF Hairspray 

If you've ever burnt your scalp, you'll know just how painful it is. (That sting of the shower hitting the top of your head is just not the one.) Similarly to lips, scalps are often forgotten about when it comes to sun protection, which is why I swap out my usual texture sprays and styling creams for ones infused with sun protection when it's heatwave time.

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