I Think This £7 Accessory Makes Every Summer Outfit More "Fashion"

Hair accessories have never been more omnipresent. It all started when literally everyone began slipping pearl slides into their hair during party season. Soon others began adorning their ponytails with pretty bows and ornate clasps. For summer, however, accessories have taken a casual approach: Instead of prim hair jewels, it appears headscarves are making a gargantuan comeback.

Now, influencers and top brands alike are styling the silk scarf in a bandana tie (this is when you take a square scarf, fold it diagonally in half and tie it over your hair tucking the centre corner inside). This way of wearing conjures two images for us: 1) Heidi, and 2) the Olsen twins circa 1999. To be honest, we'd gladly be compared to either.

Not only does it bestow your outfits with a cool, unexpected air, but it's also practical. During the summer months, it'll help protect the often sensitive hair parting from the sun's harsh rays, making it pleasing on the eye and practical in equal measure. Still not convinced? Keep scrolling to see how fashion girls past and present wear their headscarves; then continue to shop our favourites.

Headscarf Trend 2019: Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy wears a denim headscarf


Getty Images

Style Notes: Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy wears a blue square headscarf for a casual outing with her husband John F. Kennedy Jr. in New York in the early 1990s.

Headscarf Trend 2019: A model on the Alice McCall Resort 2020 runway


Getty Images

Style Notes: Designer Alice McCall showcases matching square headscarves and outfits on the resort 2020 runway.

Style Notes: Mélodie Vaxelaire opts for a classic white linen headscarf to coordinate with her wrap top and trousers.

Style Notes: Stephanie Broek finishes her standout red ensemble with a subtly printed silk scarf in her hair and equally on-trend strappy mules on her feet.

Headscarf Trend 2019: Maria Bernad in a printed headscarf and lilac co-ord



Style Notes: Ultimate cool girl María Bernad cements the trend, wearing a pink floral headscarf in her short bobbed hair.

Shop Our Headscarf Edit

If in doubt, opt for timeless monochrome. 

This peachy hue will look gorgeous layered upon dark tresses. 

Sufficiently retro-looking.

Naturally, Gucci is already in on the accessory action. 

Cotton textures nod to this season's prairie trend, too. 

Orange and blue always makes for an interesting colour combination. 

No one will believe this scarf isn't vintage. 

This chic scarf comes in so many colourways.

Geometric and deco prints offer an edgy alternative to floral motifs. 

What's that you say? There's not enough fashion with giraffes on it? We couldn't agree more.

Everything tie-dye is available right now.

Red and white bandanas will always be on the style agenda. 

Give every outfit a lift with this sunny scarf. 

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