The 2019 Fashion Trend You're About to See Take Over Instagram

That's right, folks—2019 is basically tomorrow. As we prepare for the New Year by making resolutions, purging our closets, and setting a plethora of potentially unattainable goals, planning out our 2019 wardrobes is a priority that doesn't fall far behind. We've done a fair share of reporting on all the sartorial items and trends that will no doubt flourish next year, but today we're here to home in on one that we're already seeing bubble up all over Instagram: headbands.

This year, hair accessories of all kinds infiltrated the heads of influencers, It girls, and the runway, including everything from barrettes to hats, and from what we can see so far, 2019 is the year of the headband—mark our words. Ahead, we've gathered a few of our favorite influencers sporting the headband trend and rounded up the ones we've developed a particular fondness for. From delicate crystals to statement-making velvet braids, get ready to shop the headband trend that we know will blow up even further in just a couple of months.