These Couture Fashion Week Street Style Outfits Can Be Easily Copied

There's much that we've come to expect from the street style set during any given Haute Couture Fashion Week, but the Spring 2017 crowd has surprised us to no end. Why? Well, just look at how remarkably casual they are. Granted, this isn't a shocking sight on the regular pavements of the ready-to-wear shows (or any regular pavement for that matter), but during this high-octane period of fabulousness in Paris, it's not uncommon to see Russian princesses parading in ball gowns and Instagram stars braving the cold to wear nothing but the latest creations, however skimpy they may be. 

Parka coats replacing opera coats? Slogan tees instead of perfectly pressed blouses? Baseball caps instead of fine jewellery? Baseball caps from Patagonia? What's going on here is that 2017's true fashion mood is seizing control, and we're fairly certain it can be pinpointed to one brand: Vetements.

It's plain to see that girls are craving the kind of streetwear and casualwear this label has become so famous for, and the cold weather is a great excuse to go full pelt for the look. Being relaxed is today's real key to cool, and while it's an age-old trick, it's not one that is so creatively applied to the glamorous couture schedule. We think that gives us some leeway to let our closets chill out a little, don't you?

In order to see what we mean—and to scoop up some style inspiration for the weekend—scroll through the gallery below.