Calling It: I Think Harry Styles Just Created the Next It T-Shirt

Not that we'll ever stop lusting after the Ganni graphic tees, but we might have just found a contender to rival the Danish brand's cool basics. And it comes from the most unexpected source: Harry Styles's tour merch. Yep, the former One Direction star, now turned critically-acclaimed solo act, is offering up a selection of three different T-shirts that we can't wait to buy. In fact, not since Beyoncé's Surfboard sweater have we wanted a popstar's merch more. Styles was always the more 'fashion' of the fivesome (side note: he wears a Gucci suit just as well as Jared Leto) so it's no surprise that his merch is of the highest order. So, what is it about these that make them so special? Keep scrolling to find out and shop the T-shirts before they all sell out...

This is the kind of T-shirt you'd probably steal from your boyfriend who plays in a band. (If only he was Harry, we know, we know).

We love a feel-good slogan and this might just be one of the best yet.

If you're a mega fan, then this one is definitely for you. If not, then you've got an interesting picture of a man wearing a floral shirt—what's not to love? 

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