30 New-In Buys That I'm Going to Love Forever

Having spent the last 13 years or so looking at expensive clothes and accessories up close means I can spot a worthwhile investment from a mile off. I may not have the available budget to always splurge on said pieces, but they're building up into one heck of a wish list in my head—a wish list that I'm willing to share with you here, in a monthly shopping gallery that features only the most-obsessed over and adored creations I've bookmarked.

Some of my favourite investments: Marni shoes, a Ganni dress and jewellery from Celine, Anni Lu and Pascale James.

Once upon a time, it was easy to get carried away with the seasonal carousel-like shift in trends—in came one colour and out it went again when a designer said it should be so—and my list of desired items kept changing to suit. But these days, it's the same "forever" types of buys that remain important to me, simply waiting for that lottery win to roll in. However, classic doesn't have to mean boring: My personal-style essentials include less obvious things such as knitted co-ords (been wearing those for years, and before they were available in the mass market I was snapping them up from vintage stores in Spitalfields and Brooklyn) or snake-print knee-high boots (seriously, they're neutral enough to work with almost anything). So below you'll find an edit of 30 luxury items that I believe will stand the test of time in my wardrobe. 

I found this and instantly thought of editor Emma Spedding, but I think we'll have to timeshare it. Beige jumpers don't sound exciting, but a good one will last you a lifetime and make everything in your wardrobe look more elevated.

The entire UK team is in love with the same bag: Prada's new-season Cleo. It's the perfect, neat '90s-style number, and knowing just how much wear I get out of my black Saffiano crossbody Prada, I'm sure this would be a useful companion for life.

It's not basic or classic by any stretch of the imagination, but it is flipping fabulous, and I'll never grow tired of a great printed midi dress. Anouki is an experimental Georgian fashion brand that has been around for a few years but suddenly feels like they're hitting its stride.

Smart midi skirts and snug knits are what I wear most days for work (even if I'm not in the office), so there's always room for more options. This has all of the vibes of a vintage piece but with a more modern and flattering fit around the hips. It'll be a good all-year-rounder, is  and I'd wear it in the summer with a plain white tee.

I only wear quite simple plain gold jewellery on a day-to-day basis, and this Daphine ring would be a popular addition to my collection, without having to cost a fortune.

You may have already picked up on the fact that my look is quite '70s. And that decade would be nothing without its knee-high boots. I have pairs in black, tan, navy, red and chocolate-brown, but I've yet to add the ultimate neutral in a pair of snake-print pull-ons. These have just the right mid-height heel to be infinitely wearable.

It's rare that I'll get excited about a pair of jeans, as I just don't wear them that often, but there's something very timeless about a flattering pair of leather trousers. These bring together the best of both worlds, and they're made from a recycled leather blend, so extra "conscious" brownie points for me. Agolde are known for being a great fit for both jeans and more tailored styles like these, so I have high hopes that they'll suit my hourglass figure.

These are the shoes on so many dream-ticket lists right now. They're the kind of practical, versatile, covetable flats that we can't believe someone else didn't design sooner. Yes, they cost a pretty penny for such a seemingly simple style, but they are just the kind of hardworking, hardwearing, walk-everywhere T-bars I'll be using for decades to come. 

I already have a handful of form-fitting LBDs in my closet and they've worked well many years in a row for parties, events and big meetings. They range from a vintage tiered number from Holly Harp (a cult L.A. designer from the '70s) through to a more modern shift from Opening Ceremony, but I'm missing a knitted, long-sleeve option like this beauty.

Gucci's retro-inspired bags are my favourite styles from the brand, and while I already own a black secondhand Jackie (that I managed to find about a decade ago for £75 in a charity store) I'd be very happy to add a monogram to my "collection." 

If you've been wondering where the boilersuit trend came from I'd say many other brands have been "inspired by" L.F. Markey's. Hers come in all sorts of colours, but this new sage-green has really piqued my interest. Yes, they're popular right now, but a utility-style jumpsuit is actually the kind of throw-on item you'll come back to time and again.

Dear Husband, should you ever find yourself with £32k going spare, this would be nice. Yours sincerely, Hannah. In all seriousness though, Cartier's watches are nothing short of spectacular in terms of design, quality and functionality, and they're the kind of item that holds value, being passed from generation to generation.

There are many jumper dresses residing in my wardrobe—they all see the light each week throughout the A/W months, so I see them as a solid investment. This brings some extra pizzaz but still feels understated enough to wear on repeat.

Joseph's shearling coats are a thing of legend and a real signature piece for the British brand—perfect fits, super-plush fabrics and they magically still look good decades after you've bought one. This new style feels rather Carine Roitfeld to me, and that's never a bad thing.

Tove is the new British brand many fashion editors, stylists and influencers have recently fallen for. And you can see why, right? The brand's detailed-yet-minimalistic cotton dresses are comfortable, elegant and even washing machine-friendly.

One day we will go to parties again, and when that happens I'll be carrying this. It looks like a 1960s relic but is in fact a new piece from a collaboration between handbag designer Marina Raphael and super-influencer Evangelie Smyrniotaki of Style Heroine. Chic, fun and surprisingly timeless.

Ever since I missed out of Stella McCartney's famous denim "mum" skirt all those years ago I've been searching for the perfect replacement. Vintage iterations I find to be too stiff and then easily loose shape once you've been sitting down for a while, but I'm hoping this slightly lighter-weight option, with its '80s diagonal lines and sassy front slit, will do the job.

I've been wearing my hair up more and more over the past year as it's just more practical, but that doesn't mean I'm happy with a plain ol' bobble. These delightful hair-bows make a statement out of it.

As I mentioned previously, knitted co-ords and I go way back. I have some plain versions, some patterened, but nothing quite as exciting as this from Barcelona-based Instagram-adored brand.

Is it too soon to think about sandals? No! I've been hunting for the perfect pair of fisherman sandals for some time now (convinced they're going to be big news for summer 2021), but Church's have been creating them for years and have therefore got the style completely licked. These are a top-notch classic and make all others pale in comparison.

I have shamelessly stolen this beautiful jewellery find from Sarah Jane Bea, an NHS nurse whose personal style is fantastic and whom we recently included in a shopping picks roundup of women working outside of the fashion industry. I will probably get a T to represent the name of my son, Teddy, once it's back in stock…

Does anyone else have a strange addiction to scarves? A printed silk foulard provides endless styling options—next summer I'll be experimenting à la Carrie Bradshaw with a headscarf.

Major retailers are all predicting a return to "joyful" dressing next year with OTT dresses taking the lead. This Milanese label creates the kind of fab-u-lous gowns perfectly suited to the new mood and remind me of Margo from The Good Life, who is my forever icon.

A smart pair of black ankle boots will never fail you and your clothes, and these angular ones from Wandler feel like the most up-to-date pair I've seen in some time.

2020 has been the year of luxury loungewear and Suzie Kondi is the name everyone in the know is buzzing about. Yes, a cerise-pink cashmere tracksuit sounds ridiculous, but just look at it—divine!

I'd even be tempted to wear these slouchy cuffed pants with heels,.

Talking of heels, they don't get much lovelier than Bottega Veneta's right now. These white slingbacks have all of the charm of a pair of vintage shoes minus the scrapes, un-glued soles and super-narrow fits that don't suit my wider feet. White shoes are handy to have in one's spring/summer armoury, effortlessly working with everything from jeans and casual trousers through to flouncier dresses for weddings.

Many an editor has proclaimed this to be THE item of 2020's lockdown—a joyful cardigan that has lifted spirits wherever it may go. I have to admit, I've worn mine a LOT, and you simply can't walk around wearing cowgirls, fringing and stars and not be cheered.

Are pricey house slippers now the ultimate luxury? Quite possibly. These Toasties have sold out in other colourways (the super-brights appear to be very popular) but I think this forest-green is the chicest option anyway.

Next up, your guide to all of the big spring/summer 2021 trends.

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