Whenever I'm in a Style Rut, This Is Where I Go for Inspiration

Scandinavian style might have a reputation for being monochrome and minimal, but that's certainly not the case with the fashion crowd in Copenhagen. No one wears colour quite like influencer Hanna Stefansson, who owns clothes in every shade you could imagine and challenges our previous ideas about how you should wear colour together. As one of the best dressed women in Copenhagen, she gets her hands on the new pieces from the likes of Ganni and Stine Goya before anyone else, so following her inevitably results in a rather long shopping list. Keep scrolling for 10 of Hanna's best looks from the summer so far.

Style Notes: Hanna often wears one colour head to toe, and we love how she paired her powder-blue leather jacket with a coordinating Ganni dress.

Style Notes: Hannah isn't afraid of difficult colours like this buttermilk yellow.

Style Notes: When it comes to tonal dressing, this oatmeal combo always looks expensive.

Style Notes: Hanna is a big fan of a Ganni dress, and this is arguably the dress of the summer.

Style Notes: A pink jumpsuit with a snakeskin coat and white accessories? Surely that couldn't work? Hanna shows it pays to try the things that you're certain will make no sense.

Style Notes: She often plays with sugary colour palettes such as this lilac-and-lemon combo.

Style Notes: When it comes to brands, Hanna often promotes Scandinavian brands such as Ganni and Stine Goya.

Style Notes: She often introduces us to high-street hero pieces, too, such as this Zara shirt.

Style Notes: The more colour the better is Hanna's rule, and she proves it pays to mix up shades and not be too concerned with things "matching."

Style Notes: Here Hanna gives us Princess Diana vibes in her gingham skirt suit.

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