These 5 Bags Are Going to Be on Every Fashion Girl's Wish List This Spring

We may have to wait a little bit longer before we can start donning the clothes spring/summer 2020 has to offer (that or risk freezing), but there's one item from the runway that we can begin adding to our wardrobes imminently: handbags. Ideal for impatient types, handbags are the easiest way to kick-start your new-season capsule.

Luckily for said impatient types, we've discovered that many of the top handbag trends of 2020 are already on the shopping circuit. Largely dictated by Bottega Veneta, as much of our accessories have been over the last few months, handbags are looking more polished this season than ever before, making them essentially accompaniments to your daily wares. Ready to make the arm-candy commitment? Keep scrolling.


Handbag Trends 2020: Puff clutches


Imaxtree/Bottega Veneta

Clutches can often make your look too "try hard," but thanks in no small part to Bottega Veneta, puffy leather pouches are just about the coolest bags you can pack right now. 

Handbag Trends 2020: Croissant shoulder bag


Imaxtree/Bottega Veneta

One of the biggest handbag trends of 2020 is slouchy shoulder bags, which, when combined with ruching and buttery leather, is reminiscent of—yep, you guessed it—a croissant. A very modern take on the '90s staple. Bravo, Bottega. 


Handbag Trends 2020: Oversized totes


Imaxtree/Jonathan Simkhai

Teeny bags have had their day in the sun. In 2020, it's all about larger-than-life tote bags that actually hold all of your belongings. The size of your bag should be so large that it's borderline impractical. 


Handbag Trends 2020: Grown-up rattan



Rattan is still just as impactful this season as it has been in previous years, but instead of kitsch shapes and OTT fringed edges, designers are using the technique to chic avail by the way of top-handles and pared-back crossbodys. 

Handbag Trends 2020: Knotted straps


Imaxtree/Rejina Pyo

There's nothing we love more than seeing a microtrend elevate itself to It-buy status, and that's exactly what's happened to knotted straps. First seen at Rejina Pyo, you'll now find knots on a slew of sophisticated bags. 

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