This Surprising 30-Second Hairstyle Suits Everyone I Know

Wearing your hair in a half-up, half-down style isn't a radical new trend. Cast your mind back to playing on swings with your siblings and your hair was probably loosely fastened in some kind of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen–inspired half-pony with the other half falling down your back and becoming increasingly knotted because your mum couldn't keep you still long enough to brush it.

Before then, the likes of Madonna and many other '80s icons danced about on stage, whipping their half-up ponytails around, secured in scrunchies that wouldn't look out of place on a Ganni model these days. This hair trend has been around for longer than we can remember, but it just so happens we've noticed it trending in a major way on social over the past few weeks.

So we wanted to show you just how versatile the half-up, half-down trend is because more often than not, the way we wear our hair plays a huge part in how we feel in any given outfit. And considering most of us don't have time to burn each morning, we need a speedy fix. Enter: a 30-second hairstyle that suits everyone.

Below, six editors show you how it's done. Oh, and, naturally, we had to adorn these looks with some attention-seeking accessories, too. Because that's 2019's hair method.