These Skinny Jeans Promise You They'll Last for 50 Years

When you find a pair of perfect jeans, you want them to last a lifetime. However, more often than not, after a year they start to lose their shape and even rip in unfortunate places. So when we saw the Half Century Jeans Kickstarter page, we were intrigued. These jeans promise to last for 50 years, thanks to a special hybrid of materials including Japanese selvedge denim and ultra-durable Spectra fibres, which the brand says are 15 times stronger(!) than cable steel. Sounds impressive.

The brand claims that these are the most "indestructible jeans" ever, and stand by the 50-year promise—it will give a free repair or replacement for half a century. The brand also uses a technique called "selvedge denim," which uses traditional looms—this is crucial to making the denim more durable, as the page explains: "As this thread loops back around, it creates a 'selvedge edge,' finishing these strips of fabric with tightly woven bands that stop them from fraying or unravelling."