Finally, Something to Topple Flower Crowns Off Everyone's Heads

If you’re a child of the 1980s, then you probably spent your school days with a velour Alice band clamped to your head. You made mum promise she wouldn’t make you wear them past primary school, but then Clueless happened. By the time you’d perfected Cher Horowitz’s plaid skirt–and–perky headband combos, Blair Waldorf started accessorising her blow-dry with a giant red bow. Somehow you spent your entire adolescence looking like a preppy version of the girl with the pearl earring.

Hairband Trend



If you think a ballerina bun plus Alice band would equal naff, may I submit Sienna Miller as evidence to the contrary? Treat yourself to Dolce & Gabbana’s hairband, which looks rather like something Catherine de’ Medici would wear with its paste gems and filigree plaques, or Orelia’s pearl-and-gold lace affair in order to achieve her look.

Things don’t get more interesting in the headband department than this.

Make like Pernille and opt for this classic finish.

Something to rely on during your next holiday.

This is a future heirloom piece, for sure.

Next up, the other summer accessory trends you’ll want to know.

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