Worried About Hair Loss? These Are the Products That Are Always Recommended

There is a lot of info that my friends and family tap me for as their resident beauty guru. "Is the Dyson Airwrap worth the money?" "Do you really have to wear SPF every day?" "Are face wipes that bad?" The list is endless. But one question that is constantly up there with the most-asked is "Do you know any products that help with hair loss?"

The thing is hair loss is such a complex issue that affects so many people and is triggered by a laundry list of causes. One thing that has to be said is that it’s normal to lose some hair every day. In fact, up to 100 hairs a day is average as a part of a healthy growth cycle. If your hair is in braids or held in extensions, when you remove these, you’ll also lose all the hair that is trapped, so it’ll feel like a lot.

“Excess shedding is when follicles are prematurel. A normal rate is 10%, but this can increase up to 35% with premature shedding,” says Wil Fleeson, director at Rainbow Room International and director of Trichology Scotland. “Common triggers for this are iron deficiency, stress and anxiety, change in medication or change in diet and also post-pregnancy.”



The first thing to look at when trying to work out the cause and remedy is if it could be to do with diet, which is common, as Fleeson points out. “Excessive hair shedding can be helped with the intake of iron, which is important for helping carry oxygen through your body as part of red blood cells and stimulating growth in hair.”

And if you notice thinning, there are styles that you can avoid to prevent unnecessary strain at the root. “Avoid physical damage such as over-brushing and tightly worn hairstyles to avoid tension or pressure to the scalp,” advises hairstylist and Vegamour ambassador Jordanna Cobella. “Use recommended heat on heat tools, and always use heat protectants and conditioners to rebalance the hair.”

“When styling hair, choose products that take into consideration the health of the entire follicular ecosystem, working to promote a healthy environment for hair to flourish naturally,” continues Cobella. And when looking at supplements to address a lack of nutrients that we need for successful hair growth, she says, “A diet low in zinc; iron; vitamin A, B6 and 12, C, D, E; biotin, folic acid and natural collagen can also lead to hair thinning and loss.”



If you’ve noticed thinning, then the below products and supplements have all been recommended to me by professionals, and I’ve seen case studies of them working. However, if you can see a specialist, they’ll be able to help you narrow down the cause and really get to the root of the issue. “If something doesn’t seem right with your hair, you are seeing a lot more hair in your brush or in the shower, or if you have a tingling or burning feeling scalp or more skin on your scalp than normal, these are all warning signs and when you may want to look to visit a trichologist to examine your hair and be able to provide a solution or suitable treatment, if possible,” says Fleeson. “With hair loss and hair thinning, it’s so important to see a reputable trichologist to ensure the right treatment is provided.”

Recommended Products for Hair Loss and Thinning

Hair Gain Grow Capsules

I was convinced to try these capsules by my sister who suffers from bouts of hair loss due to lupus, an autoimmune disease, and noticed a huge difference after taking these. They are amazing for boosting hair growth thanks to the AnaGain complex in the formula, which is created from pea shoots. The gummy version is equally as effective, and I noticed an improvement in growth after about three months of use. 

Philip Kingsley Density Thickening Protein Spray

The team at Philip Kingsley are pros when it comes to healthy hair and scalp. This spray helps weakened strands stay strong and protected so you can style without worrying about further breakage.

Grow Gorgeous Growth Serum Intense

This serum helps revive hair density where it may have been lost. It contains a healthy helping of caffeine to reenergise your roots and helps to trigger new growth.

Vegamour Gro Hair Serum (3 Pack)

This cult-favourite haircare brand in the U.S. (loved by Nicole Kidman) has recently become available in the UK, and this is its star product. It contains vegan phyto-actives to help reduce shedding and boost the hair growth cycle.

Vida Glow Hairology Supplements

These supplements not only contain AnaGain and biotin but also zinc, selenium and bladderwrack, a seaweed extract that is rich in iodine. Iodine has been known to help with healthy thyroid hormones.

Advanced Nutrition Programme Skin Omegas+ Food Supplement

If you want a supplement that encompasses skin and hair, these from Advanced Nutrition Programme provide choline, which is great for liver function. A liver in good condition will keep toxins flushed out of your system, while the B vitamins riboflavin and biotin will aid in healthy hair and skin.

Nioxin 3-Part System Kit 6 for Chemically Treated Hair With Progressed Thinning

Chemically treating your hair can lead to aggressive hair breakage, so encouraging healthier growth from the root is key to minimise the look of damage. This three-part system targets hair at the root and strengthens strands weakened chemically to reduce breakage.

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