Prediction: These 6 Hair Accessories Will Spike in 2019

Just when we thought fashion had nothing else hidden up its chic sleeve, it goes surprises us once again. Recent curveballs include cycling shorts (where did they even come from?), jelly shoes and bucket hats. The fact is that they're all sufficiently rogue and necessary for keeping the fashion landscape interesting. Hair accessories, however, are surely at the top of the "least expected to make a comeback" list, with their niche '80s vibes and childlike whimsicality.

First, it was hairbands (Hillary Clinton is clearly a fan); then everyone's '80s fav—the scrunchie—wrestled its way back into public consciousness. These were closely followed by hair slides, bows and scarves. The whole gang's here and wanting in on the new-season action. "Hair accessories have performed really well this season, with pearl and tortoiseshell styles selling out within a week," says Aisling McKeefry, head of design at ASOS. "For spring, we're focusing on fantastic resin pieces with glitter and crystal details."

Whether you already love them or are yet to be convinced, hair accessories are setting up shop for 2019, so you may as well embrace it. To make sure you're properly informed on all the hair accessory action, we've put together a definitive list of the pieces that are set to spike this year. If the mere memory of scrunchies makes you recoil in horror, worry not; there are plenty of chic alternatives out there.

My top option has to be the pearl slide, which I'll use to add interest to a party outfit, or alternatively, a cheeky bow that's a surefire way liven up a checked blazer á la Stephanie Broek. Scroll down to see our full edit and shop the key pieces.