Hailee Steinfeld Shares the 2 Outfits That Always Make Her Feel Confident

Hailee Steinfeld is the cover star of Who What Wear U.S.’s Holiday Issue, and her photo shoot leaned heavily on British brands including Christopher Kane, Solace London, Joseph and A.W.A.K.E. This reflects the British influence she has within her own wardrobe, as Hailee revealed that she always tries to re-create the outfits she sees in London.

“Oddly enough, I feel like when I go to London, I’m actively looking for what people are wearing to try to find it,” says “I like the idea of trying to find it there, picking up something you can’t here—there’s so much of that. I feel like people are so fashion-forward over there, and maybe they don’t even necessarily realise it because it’s what they’re used to. But shopping in London is great.”

As for the outfit that makes her feel the most confident? “There’s something that feels really good about putting on baggy sweats and a hoodie and feeling comfortable. And a pair of Doc Martens you can walk in as long as you need to. Then there’s the complete opposite of that when you wear something that’s more fitted.

“There’s that version of it where it’s sexy and cool and effortless, and then there’s the opposite. It’s the same feeling of feeling good within yourself. There’s something really good about putting an outfit together or planning for it. There are two extremes, and those are my favourites.”