The Homeware I Buy From This High-Street Store Always Looks Expensive

There's an interiors secret I've been keeping to myself, but I've recently realised it's too selfish of me not to share: H&M Home is the best place to go to when you want to find inexpensive soft furnishings. It's basically the easiest way to overhaul your home without getting out the Farrow & Ball. While there are some trend-led items (hello, pineapple-shaped bowl), there are also pieces that I can imagine keeping in my house forever.

From cool cushion covers that look like they cost £100 a pop (when they're really less than a tenner) to minimal dressing gowns in pure cotton, as well as vintage-style jars and vases that will enhance any bedroom or living room, there are so many pieces you'll want from the current collection. I decided to go through the latest drop and picked out 13 items I know you'll want for the home. Keep scrolling to see what they are. I dare you not to buy them.


There's something about putting your jewellery on a metal tray that makes it look extra luxe. 

Flowers look even better in this. 

Bringing the farmhouse vibe to your urban home. 

The colour is what makes this look so much more expensive. 

We're all about the yellow right now. 

If we could wear this outside, we probably would. 

Put whatever you want in this but we're going for M&Ms or Skittles. 

Pastels are all over everyone's wardrobes right now so extend that to your home too. 

Go on then, tell us. What didn't you buy?