Gwyneth Paltrow Explains What Kind of Boss She Is


MediaPunch/REX Shutterstock

Curious how Gwyneth Paltrow manages her employees? As U.S. Elle reported, she participated in a panel discussion at Fast Company's Innovation Festival this week, where she revealed some interesting tidbits about what kind of boss she is.

"In terms of being in charge, what's hard is people's propensity to bring their unhealed personal stuff to the workplace without knowing they're doing that," she said. "People's stuff will present itself at work and it's a very nuanced thing. In order to manage people, you have to see their strengths and their vulnerabilities. You have to know how to help support them."

She went on to explain how working with creative-minded employees is different. "I run the creative side of the company, so I have a lot of creatives around me," she said. "It can be more emotional and I wouldn't say tenuous, but you have to keep an eye on people and where they're coming from."

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