Guy's Gift Guide

There are few hard-and-fast rules in fashion, but there is one mandate your editors firmly believe: It is always stylish to give marvellous gifts. Showing up with the primo present is a good look on everyone, and we want you, dear readers, to look your best. That said, today we're happy to present the final instalment of our annual gift guide featuring a few of our favourite things for the fellows.

The Dude
1. Mr. Untouchable: My Crimes and Punishments ($16.47)
As most fellows love the gangsters as much as dogs dig playing fetch, there is no doubt this book will captivate The Dude. It's a memoir by Nicky Barnes, who, along with Frank Lucas (the recent American Gangster was based on Lucas's life), ran the heroin game in New York in the 1970's. Barnes' true-life tail details his drug kingpin heyday, big bust and subsequent jail time, and how he ended up a free man-it's a must-read!

2. Tactical Black Leatherman ($89)
Without a doubt, this is the most frighteningly named gift on this guide, though totally fitting because it's a little bit scary genius. It's like having a tiny MacGyver in your pocket, only not as weird as that sounds. The Leatherman is kitted out with the following instruments: needle nose pliers, regular pliers, wire cutters, saw, diamond-coated file, small and large bit drivers...and lots, lots, lots more. Your chap will feel like a rogue member of the Swiss Army (a good thing, of course).

3. Breville Maxi Panini Press ($59.99)
We wouldn't want to offend anyone's tender barbecuing sensibilities by trying to give them an indoor grill-oh, no, no-but a burly panini press? Well, that's a whole other kettle of fish, er, box of sandwiches. The Breville Press picks up where the Foreman breaks down; it has extra-large nonstick cooking plates and has a nifty "melt" setting, allowing you to create open-faced sandwich delights...

New Dad
1. Storksak Jamie Bag in Espresso ($198)
One of the many things the New Dad must get used to is an increased amount of personal paraphernalia-babies require lots of gear! Storksak has a wonderful all-purpose tote that's ideal for lugging the little one's stuff. The leather bag has two insulated side pockets for the baby's bottles (or yours), lots of inside pockets, a changing mat, and can hold a laptop. Best of all, it's attractive and streamlined!

2. Nikon D40 Digital Camera (from $423)
While digital cameras are marvellous in many ways, many have slow shutter speeds that make taking pictures a drag. The Nikon D40 is a revelation; it shoots at up to 2.5 frames per second which means you can get every single expression that crosses your tot's face. It also has a large LCD colour monitor so the nouveau poppa can see his handiwork clearly.

3. Garmin nuvi 760 ($640)
Babies can be stressful (so many decisions to make!), so why not give daddy-o something to keep things going smoothly-in the car, at least. Garmin's nuvi 760 has a widescreen for easy reading and has millions, literally, of points of interest, including hotels, restaurants, and gas stations. It also has an integrated traffic receiver so you can avoid upcoming jams or construction. It's expensive, true, but not fighting over directions is priceless, no?

The Dandy
1. The Antique Jewel Box Typewriter Key Cufflinks ($75 each/$150 a set)
Before you roll your eyes and moan, "Cufflinks are so boring," you need to see these. They're made from vintage keys scored from 1920's typewriters (all letters are available) and we think they're dapper enough for even the most discerning Dandy.

2. Pimpin Ain't Easy IP Black Watch($199.33)
The offerings from Pimp Watches are the epitome of geek chic and we get a kick out of their retro futuristic vibe. A digital Dandy will love the Galaga-style face on this Pimpin Ain't Easy IP Black watch and that it's shipped directly from Japan.

3. Marc by Marc Jacobs Vans ($85, check for stockists)
No doubt, Vans are perfection (even on girls), but Marc Jacobs has collaborated with the sneaks-maker and the results are a shoe delight. Available in lace-ups, like above, and slip-ons too, they come in variety of prints that range from simple white canvas to a bold blue-and-white polka dot situation.

Every Guy
1. The Playboy Complete Centerfolds Collection ($500)
Surely the men you know read Playboy "for the articles," but on the off chance they have glanced at the magazine's non-textual items and, you know, didn't mind the gorgeous photographs, this collector's edition book might be just the perfect present. The limited-edition tome is a complete retrospective of centerfolds (from every single issue of Playboy) and contains over 600 bunnies for Every Guy's perusal. Besides, what else says, "Season's Greetings," like nudity?

2. Rock Band for PS3 or Xbox 360 ($169.99)
This year, Rock Band wins the award for most-popular present, hands down. Literally, Every Guy we know wants this wrapped up and tagged with his name. Which makes sense, as what man-nay, person-wouldn't want to rock out with the Pixies, Police, or Peppers? The game comes with pseudo-instruments (guitar/bass, drum, mic), so the lucky recipient can play with his buddies, and is loaded with many sick tunes. (Some attitude required, groupies not included.)

3. Ray-Ban Large Aviator Sunglasses ($120)
While 2007 was definitely the year of the Wayfarer, there's another classic in the Ray-Ban closet that's got our attention-the aviator. The shape has been worn effectively by such disparate faces as Jim Morrison, Lou Reed, and Kanye West. Our point? They look good on Every Guy.