The Trending Mirror That Will Make Your Home Look 100 Times More Scandi

There's something so deliciously Millennial about an interiors trend, and I say that with the greatest affection, considering that I am, myself, a 29-year old, self-confessed homeware fanatic. Well, out of all of the trending buys over the last 12 months, Gustaf Westman's curvy mirror has to be one of the biggest (literally and metaphorically). With its dramatic proportions and wavy edge, this mirror was made for an outfit selfie and it has fast become the fashion girl's go-to for a statement-making in-feed post. 

As with many ubiquitous interior trends, historically it has been hard to get hold of—until now, anyway. We are very happen to announce that you can now nab yourself your very own Westman mirror on Liberty London (where else?) alongside the brand's quirky curved table edit, if that takes your fancy. Both come in a rainbow of colourful pastel shades, including yellow, blue, green, pink and white, so you can match the mirror to your interiors. And if that's not enough, this is one item that is sure to make your home look 100 times more Scandi, aka the interiors dream. And yes, it's not exactly a bargain buy, but we're going to file this one under 'fantasy homeware buys that we'll buy one day'. Better start saving then. Scroll down to shop the trending mirror Instagram can't get enough of. 

Whatever colour you go for, the mirror makes for the ultimate Insta outfit frame.

Gustaf Westman interior buys



All the coolest Scandi girls have a Westman in their home, and it pairs beautifully with other pops of colour.

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