A Complete Guide to Growing Your Brand, as Told by Garance Doré

It’s an exhilarating and eventful time to be a millennial woman: The opportunity to be your own boss is widely accepted while accessibility to the resources to express your individuality is vast. But we all know the dreaded feeling as the flush of excitement and motivation slowly dwindles down and we question ourselves: Where and how do we even start building our own personal brands?

Our very own editorial director, Kat Collings, recently sat down with Garance Doré, illustrator, blogger, and photographer extraordinaire, at the Create & Cultivate Chicago conference earlier in August, and the sage advice shared was nothing short of inspiring. From viewing work as play to curating your social media presence, the advice Doré gave is your own personal toolbox to get your brand up and running.

Keep reading for tips and advice from Garance Doré to get your brand started stat!