Agyness Deyn

In our (humble) opinion, there's no finer way to kick off a style-driven week than by checking out's daily story. Not to toot our own horn too much, but we're particularly pleased by the content du jour: a range of top-notch selections handpicked by one of the world's most transfixing supermodels-Agyness Deyn. The British stunner has undeniably statement-making style (what would you expect from someone who shaved their head at age seventeen?), so we knew she'd make a perfect WWW Guest Editor!

If by some odd chance you are unfamiliar with Deyn, shame on you! We kid, of course, but surely you've seen the of-the-moment beauty on our pages (she was our first Model of the Moment), as well as in every major fashion magazine around. The catwalk favourite started modelling in her late teens, but the now twenty-five-year-old has achieved a tier of stardom that most beauties will only dream about. Among her accomplishments are campaigns for Burberry, Anna Sui, Henry Holland (they're childhood friends) and Vivienne Westwood, as well as magazine covers such as Vogue and UK Vogue, Pop, and Time. Oh, and did we mention she just walked in over a dozen shows in the Spring 09 fashion weeks?

Aside from such professional success, Deyn is always on our radar because she's got the sort of daring personal style we love to showcase. Whether she's trying out an oversized, studded leather vest, boldly buckled boots, or simply stunning us with the way she mixes trends, we can count on Deyn to do something different than the average red carpet walkers (thank god). Plus, the combination of her signature short blonde locks (Deyn commends her hair saviour, Laurie Foley, for "the best cut, style, and colour ever!" L'Atelier de Laurie 212.358.8900) and unpredictable, mod outfits have us entranced-and we're quite content to stay under her spell! -Jessica Amento

1. Linda Farrow Vintage Sunglasses ($300)
Deyn prefers sunglasses that possess "old school style with a modern twist," so it's no wonder that she loves shades by Linda Farrow, who is notorious for her first-rate retro offerings.

2. Tripp Red Plaid Moto Jacket and Grey/Black Leopard Jeans ($74 and $52, 212.979.8238)
Seeing as we are a little plaid-crazy these days, we are obsessing over this stunning piece of outerwear! Deyn picked it up from Trash & Vaudville in NYC along with Tripp's Jean Biker Jacket. As for the trousers, leave it to Deyn to discover the most far-out pants in the world. These skin-tight leopard-print jeans complement Agyness' figure and style like no other. She recommends wearing them with George Cox Creepers or silver Doc Martens.

3. Rebecca Minkoff Roadie ($550, available in February)
A studded bag is our favourite means for putting an edgy twist into our outfits, so Deyn's predilection for Rebecca Minkoff's Roadie immediately appeals to our inner-badass. Since the Roadie isn't available until next year, peruse some of Minkoff's other creations to hold you over in the meantime! Otherwise, you could always check out Deyn's other hand bag love-Loewe-for additional ways to "finish off a quirky rock and roll look."

4. Como Te Llama by Albert Hammond, Jr. ($14)Your editors are long-time enthusiasts of The Strokes, so we grant major kudos to Deyn for giving a shout out to her boyfriend, Albert Hammond, Jr's (The Strokes' guitarist) latest solo album. The off-beat rock-n-roll tracks are filled with great guitar solos and charming melodies that will satisfy your iPod for months to come. You won't regret this purchase, we promise!

5. Burberry Wool Check Gloves ($150)
As a prominent model for Burberry, Deyn is obviously fond of all creations that originate from the British fashion house. In particular, she will be keeping her hands warm with their Wool Check Gloves this fall. It is never too early to start holiday shopping, so if you don't buy these mittens for yourself, contemplate gifting them to a loved one!

6. Alejandro Ingelmo Spider Heels ($353)
A heel recommendation from a supermodel is a convincing testimonial, because they try and test a considerable amount more pairs of shoes than we commoners do. That being said, we star-marked our notes when Deyn shared with us her partiality for Alejandro Ingelmo. His Spider Heels will take you to new heights, quite literally.

7. NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencilicon in Roman Holiday ($24)
One of the things we love most about Deyn is that she carries a boyish confidence, while maintaining girly pleasures like keeping her lips very pink! To get them that way, she opts for NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencils because the convenient jumbo-size crayon design applies like a lipstick.

*Deyn attended Chanel's Mobile Art Party at Central Park wearing Topshop's Wool Biker Jacket ($100), Balenciaga Trousers, Alejandro Ingelmo's Off The Wall-3 Heels ($517), and Gregg Wolf's Dayglow Rosary Necklace (Price upon request).

Photo of Agyness, Splash News.