You Won't Believe What's Happened to the Gucci T-Shirt Now

Prepare to want to spend all your money on a simple slogan tee, for there is yet another Gucci T-shirt that you're going to be desperate to get your hands on. If you didn't already know (i.e., you've been living under an actual rock with no Wi-Fi access), the now ubiquitous tee has been given another new lease of life with a new iteration of Alessandro Michele's creation. Debuted at the Gucci A/W 17 show in Milan just a few moments ago, Michele enlisted photographer and handwriting enthusiast Coco Capitan to scrawl over the T-shirts. 

While on Gucci's Instagram feed, we spotted a white version, and Michele took his bow wearing a yellow one with the words "Want to go back to believing a story" scribbled over the front. But, we hear you ask, who is Coco Capitan? The photographer has a beautiful Insta feed full of pictures and writing, so it's easy to see why Michele decided on this particular collaboration.

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Gucci T-shirt Coco Capitan: Alessandro Michele



While purists might gasp at the thought of their beloved Gucci tee coming with Sharpie-fied musings, in our eyes, it's just upped the T-shirt game even more. 

Opening Image: Getty

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