This Brand Is Officially the Most Influential on Social Media

Over the past year and a half, there's been a massive shift in the fashion industry and how we wear our clothes. Since the recession, the focus was on more minimal pieces, with the trend being investing in key items, rather than splashing out on those one-off wow garments that you could only wear once a week. But there's one reason why that's all changed: Gucci. 

According to a recent report by data company Bomoda, the Italian fashion house is currently the most influential brand on social media. But it's not just on social media where the brand has influence—it's completely changed and is still changing the way we all dress. Thanks to creative director Alessandro Michele's innovative approach to design, by taking vintage styles and making them modern, we now have an explosion of colour and textures seen across the catwalk, the red carpet and street style.

Instead of clean lines and monochrome aesthetics, we're all looking to a more eclectic approach to fashion. Gold pleated skirts are now paired with bold floral jumpers, pussy-bow blouses are worn with contrasting prints. There are deep mustards, emerald greens, and bubblegum pinks. The rule is there are no rules, so long as it's fun. 

And the hard proof that we really are all buying into it? This year, Kering, the company that owns Gucci, reported that the brand saw a 7% increase in sales since Michele took over, which is way over what was predicted and much stronger than any other premium brand. That alone should be enough to prove that peak Gucci is here. Keep scrolling to see Gucci on the catwalk, the red carpet and street style, plus the items we're all shopping.

Gucci on the catwalk


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Gucci on the red carpet



Gucci on the street


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