I'm Calling It—These Sandals Are Going to Be the Shoes of the Summer

Every so often, a shoe comes along that takes us all by surprise. At first, it might not look like much—in this case, another leather sandal—but then you see it on an influencer or fashion person or two, start to imagine it with all your new-season outfits and think about how it could elevate your looks for years to come. Before you know it, it's living in your head rent-free.

It happened with Chanel’s chunky sandals (yes, I’m still regretting not buying them and being able to bring them out again this spring), but this year, there’s a new “ugly” sandal in town that’s stolen my fashion heart: Gucci’s Elektra



Proving they look great with jeans for spring. 

As a shopping expert who’s worked in this industry for almost a decade, I have a not-so-hidden talent for being able to predict a trend, and I’m 99.9% sure these sandals are going to be big. Like, huge. Mainly because caged, or fisherman, sandals have been gaining popularity among the fashion crowd for a few years now (unsurprisingly thanks to The Row and its coveted pair). But this is their year, and they’re even popping up on the high street, too. 

As the double-strap sporty sandal loses momentum, we need another androgynous style that feels fresh and fulfills the role of balancing out all our pretty dresses, floaty skirts and wide-leg trousers. Enter Gucci’s Elektra, which, compared to Chanel’s Velcro canvas sandals, are so beautifully made in the most expensive-looking buttery leather (okay, maybe just expensive) with that timeless horse-bit detailing. They’re a ready-made classic you’ll turn to again and again—a summer version of the brand’s iconic loafers.

Gucci Elektra Sandals: Monikh



Monikh wears caged fisherman sandals. 

So if you’ve been searching for that perfect statement sandal to bring all your outfits into spring—as well as into the upper echelons of “fashion”—one that you can wear with jeans, wide-leg trousers, dresses, shorts and skirts, keep scrolling to shop.

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