There's Something About Gucci

Maybe it's the colourful trompe l'oeil sequined collars, the coquettish dresses or the foil prints on dandy jackets from the S/S 16 collection… There's just something happening at Gucci we want a piece of, and we are most certainly not alone.

Alessandro Michele's bold and kitsch strides at the helm of the fashion house have resulted in a worldwide phenomenon geared toward lavish, unapologetic fashion. Gucci is arguably one of the most sought-after, universally appealing brands right now. While it's clear for all to see that Michele injected a new lease on life into the brand without veering too far from its archives, he's also tapped into a feminine and playful look that stars like Alexa Chung, Kirsten Dunst and Keira Knightley want to hang in their wardrobes. Without much hesitation, the fashion pack will snap up the brands these leading fashion ladies gravitate toward. 

Eager for a bout of Gucci picture research, we look to the most recent looks the style elite have been wearing to cocktail parties, events and launches so that we can decode the label's success story.

Scroll down for a brand master class in all things Gucci and, if you're feeling inspired, shop our favourite picks! 


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