This Jumper Trend Is Up 240% on Pinterest, and We Know Just How to Wear It

If you were to peek into the wardrobes of countless women, we'd be willing to stake our shoe collections on the fact they'd all feature these key items—blue jeans, white trainers, a leather jacket and a grey jumper. We're of the opinion that without these core garments, getting dressed would be significantly more difficult. However, as we wear them on rotation, it can be challenging to come up with new ways to style them.

Considering autumn is officially upon us and we're likely going to be living in them for the foreseeable future, we've turned our attention to the grey jumper with the sole aim of rediscovering its hidden potential. Easily one of the most popular pieces of content on Pinterest, one grey jumper outfit image alone has over 26,000 repins, while searches for "grey jumper" have spiked by 240% over the last few months. So yes, now seems as good a time as any to make it a priority.

Whether you opt for dove or charcoal, a grey jumper will go with just about anything you can throw at it—so much so that it's hard to know where to even begin. Fret not, though, for we've rounded up the most impressive grey jumper outfits that are guaranteed to inspire you. From pretty skirts to sharp suiting, you'll soon see that any attire benefits from the addition of a grey knit. Keep scrolling to shop the grey jumper outfits that come with our fashion team's seal of approval.