Trust Me—This Specific Shade of Green Is Going to Be Huge in 2019

It seems as though fashion is having a bit of a love affair with "off" colours right now. From cornflower blue and pale beige to rust orange and retro brown, if it ain't easy to define, then you're onto the right kind of "wrong" hue. However, this fashion month saw a new contender fight for the top spot, and, true to form, it's not easy to pin down. Is it sage? Pistachio? Seafoam? Mint? Apparently, no animal, vegetable or mineral is safe in our search for the correct terminology. Embraced by countless designer brands, including Rejina Pyo and Jil Sander, this is colour is definitely one to watch for spring/summer 2019.

"We have noticed a rise in specific green shade searches," explains an analyst from global fashion search platform Lyst. "There's been a 19% rise in searches for more earthier tones including 'moss green,' 'sage green' and 'crocodile green' items in the past month." Retail analytics platform Edited agrees: "We've seen a 168% increase in last month's new arrivals of sage green/pastel khaki products compared to the same time in 2017. It’s also a colour being used in design and interiors at the moment, so we’d expect to see an even greater lift in new items towards spring 2019."

Lying dormant since the '90s, this green hue has undeniable ties to the past, and many style icons from the decade—from Princess Diana to Rachel Green—were documented in the shade back in the day. For 2018, the colour comes unadorned in clean-lined silhouettes, for example, sage-coloured suits saw a pop in popularity during the most recent fashion month. Lyst also confirms that the most sought-after items in this particular shade are accessories, including bags and shoes. Case in point? Scandi designer Sania D'mina launched her eponymous shoe brand this year with a sage-coloured slingback style that the fashion crowd went wild for. Dirty pavements, be damned!

Whatever you call it, one thing's for certain: This shade of green is going to be big next season, so do your homework now and prepare to be ahead of the crowd come 2019.