The Unexpected Colour Combination Everyone Is Wearing Right Now

When it comes to complementary and clashing colours, it can be hard to know which hues work together and which hues just don't. Really, it's down to trial and error (our fashion mantra is to try everything once). And right now, there's a particular pairing doing the Instagram rounds which, on paper, really shouldn't work—but it somehow does.

Countless influencers are putting two of this season's top colours—green and lilac—together to unexpectedly chic avail. It appears that one of the easiest (read: less daunting) ways to wear it is by opting for pastel iterations of green and purple, which blend together beautifully. That said, if you're looking to make a true statement, perhaps you'll be keen to try María Bernad's ultraviolet-and-moss duo.

Either way, rest assured you'll look very much on trend. Keep scrolling to see our favourite green-and-lilac outfits this week has given us, and then shop our edit of the best buys in each hue.

Jessie Bush balances out her green skirt–and–purple top combination with simple monochromatic accessories.

Fanny Ekstrand slings a green knit over her lilac blouse for a subtle take on the trend.

Green and Lilac Outfits: Maria Bernad wears a pair of green trousers and a lilac shirt



Maria wholly invests in the look by pairing bright green trousers with a chic lilac blouse. The addition of tan accessories? Inspired. 

Laura Werner gives the trend a downtime spin by wearing her chic green skirt with a tucked-in purple T-shirt.

Green and Lilac Outfits: Karo Dall



Karo Dall pairs her purple wrap dress and lilac Havaianas with a neon-green bucket hat. 

Green and Lilac Outfits:  lilac coat and green check dress



Marie pairs her checked & Other Stories dress with a lilac overcoat and chunky trainers.


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