The 52-Year-Old Instagrammer With Better Style Than All of Us Put Together

Instagram isn't just a space for 20-something DJ-slash–fashion bloggers anymore, as there are countless influencers over 40 who are just as powerful. Style is now finally recognised as being ageless, and 52-year-old Instagrammer Grece Ghanem shows that whatever decade you were born in, you can pull off Gucci belt bags and Balenciaga Triple S sneakers.

Grece might dress like she's on the front row at fashion week every single day, but her day job isn't in the industry—she's a personal trainer based in Montréal. Grece's Instagram account hasn't been live for much longer than a year, but she's already getting the attention of the fashion crowd thanks to her ability to make intimidating trends look timeless and wear Gucci better than anyone else. Keep scrolling to see the styling tricks we're taking from Grece.

Style Notes: The baby-pink coat is in complete contrast to these clompy trainers, but together somehow these work.

Style Notes: Grece shows that streetwear can be ageless, as she wears her Balenciaga sneakers with a pair of Gucci logo socks.

Style Notes: Oversized silhoeuttes and checked trousers are Grece's favourites.

Style Notes: Grece often experiments with bold colour combinations, such as this red, pink and orange mix. 

Style Notes: Grece fashions up workwear basics by adding a bold orange roll-neck. 

Style Notes: You only need a quick scroll on Instagram to realise that Grece is a big fan of Gucci.

Style Notes: This pink Balenciaga dress looks amazing with pointed white boots.

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