9 Fashion Problems When You Have Great Taste

I want to caveat this piece right from the start: I am not claiming to have, have had or predict that I'm going to have great taste. Goodness knows what an über-chic minimalist would think of my wardrobe full of loud prints, '70s throwbacks and endless amounts of shoes I don't, won't or can't wear. So this concept of the fashion problems that arise when you're just so achingly effortless aren't coming from a personal experience but rather than my time as an observer.

I watch, work with and analyse plenty of people who are ridiculously, irritatingly well put-together 24/7, and sometimes that degree of cool, I've noticed, comes with its amusing downsides. You may even be one of those fortunate types that barely puts a moment's thought into an outfit and yet looks 100 times better than everyone else in the surrounding vicinity (jealous), but that may also mean you entirely understand the below statements.

So here's what I imagine are the major fashion problems when you have impeccable taste. Keep reading to see how many you tick off the list.